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Handwriting Analysis-Graphology

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Handwriting Analysis--Graphology

Handwriting Analysis ( Graphology ) has been around for many years. It has been described as both an art & a science & in our current "Age of Information" graphology has mated with the computer which gives us a more precise analysis of our "Inner Secrets" or the type of person we really are. Is there someone you would like to know more about, spouse, employer, friend or yourself ? Graphology can give a very accurate insight into their "Inner Self" !
   Within our handwriting is a picture of our personalities,--good & bad which can be uncovered.
   Many of the major companies in Europe are administering a "Grapological Exam" ( Simply put, a hand writing sample ) to it's employees to gain an insight into their personal traits which otherwise would take years to unfold.
   The Wall Street Journal has run articles about professional graphologists screening applicants for positions in various companies and the reports you would be receiving would be similar to those reports that the Journal is talking about  but on a personal level.

Handwriting Analysis- Graphology
Jack Sheruda-

Graphology has been recognized by the library of congress as a branch of psychology and our courts have ruled in support of handwriting analysis.
As DNA provides a profile, so does graphology.
   Our brains control our muscular actions with which we write and what is going on in our minds is being expressed in our writing methods or styles. It shows emotions,self-esteem, sex drive, intelligence, goals, moods and many others.
It can also be used as a self help tool in what is known as "Grapho-Therapy". In no way is it a Parlor Trick, Tarot Card Reading or Divination,
but has been brought to a widely recognized and accepted scientific method.

Handwriting Analysis-Graphology
Jack Sheruda-

If you would like a sample of your handwriting analyzed  the paragraph below should be followed in order to receive the most accurate analysis. I would like at least one sheet of cursive writing.
  1. Use 8 1/2 X 11 unlined paper, such as copy paper
  2. Use the writing instrument of your choice, except pencil
  3. An ideal sample is at least one page long
  4. Do not copy the text nor write lyrics or poetry. Spontaneous thought is best
  5. Answer at least three of the following questions in your natural handwriting on a separate sheet of paper and sign your name (Important)

   A. What do you consider the characteristics of a successful business ?

   B. What do you consider your greatest achievements ?

   C. What does excellent customer service mean to you ?

   D. What does teamwork mean to you ?

   E. What quality do you like most in a person ?

   F. What trait do you dislike most in others ?

   G. What do you believe are your top three strengths ?


** Please Note:

If you normally print, please also include a paragraph in cursive writing, even if you never normally write in cursive.

If you learned to write outside the United States, please feel free to also include a paragraph in your native language.

*** Important:

When submitting a handwriting sample for analysis

please provide

  • Full Name
  • Age/ or Date of Birth
  • Signature in Cursive ( Longhand )

Mail to: John L. Sheruda

             927 E. Lackawanna Ave.

            Olyphant, PA 18447-2119





Jack Sheruda